WPF IronPython Converters

I often want to do visual displays with loose WPF files that get loaded at runtime (using XamlReader.Load), but to really get work done, you have to create a bunch of converters to do all maths that is required for Storyboards and DoubleAnimations. These converters must exist in your main application as pre-compiled code so… Read More »

Duplex WCF “Service Bus”: Part 2

In part one, I discussed how I started down the road of creating a mini Service Bus for our system. Using the existing framework from Juval Lowy, I added a service contract to the publish/subscribe WCF service that accepted a C# xml element XElement. This is the callback interface that the consumer will implement. When… Read More »

Duplex WCF “Service Bus”: Part 1

We’ve created a mini service bus for use here at work. Many of our services and client applications require information from each other. Sometimes to display active states, sometimes to take action on incoming data. Regardless, we need information delivered to many different endpoints, in an event-like fashion (non-polling). We started out with this post… Read More »